I am Lauren Mauel 

and I believe Rescues are best.

This is why a portion of all my proceeds are donated to

I encourage you to visit their website to learn more about this wonderful organization.



Why Rescue ?

Feel the Love

Animals are empathetic, loving, and non-judgmental. They teach humans about unconditional love and selflessness. When you adopt, you are opening yourself up to experience more love. Animals bring out the best in us when we allow them to.  Pets help us slow down, relax, and embrace the little things in life like walking, sunshine, and dancing in the rain. 

Community Partnership

When you rescue, you are inviting others in your circle of influence to do the same. The way we think and behave impacts our community. Whenever someone adopts a rejected shelter pet, they are planting a seed for others to consider it as well. 

Breaking the Cycle

Many rescue animals were saved from homelessness, abuse, and trauma. Oftentimes, these animals are misunderstood and require more medical attention, training, and patience. Why is this worth it? Well, first off, we are making positive change through love and service. No damage is permanent, no animal is completely broken. We are inspiring hope, not only for broken animals but for our broken world as well. 


The more awareness we generate of the suffering pets endure in our world, the greater impact we can have in correcting the problem. Awareness promotes action, both financially and in the form

of service. When our world becomes immersed in what animals experience, we can all come together to alleviate the suffering.