Welcome to my world of learning!

I am Lauren Mauel

I am here for your academic needs.

Everyone has the ability to grow and achieve the unimaginable!


All we have to do is tap into the way you learn and where you want to go with your education.


From intervention to AP/College coursework, my rhetoric skills and ability to connect will help you achieve things you never imagined.

I donate a portion of my proceeds to animal shelters.


About Me p

I am your Coach, Lauren.


I believe that everyone deserves to learn to the best of their abilities.

I want to charge fair prices for my premium services to bring high-quality tutoring and homeschooling into the safety of your home.


Are you ready to work with me? Your son or daughter will see unimaginable results from our work together. All of the learning is personalized, on your schedule, and provides your students with what he or she needs to learn and grow at this very moment.


There are no hidden costs, crazy hourly fees, or selling. It is all about your child's success.


Let's get learning!!





Tutoring Options


 ACT Prep

AP course tutoring



 One on One Lessons by the Hour

Tutoring packages

Test Prep Course

Levels of Teaching


Home School Option

Middle School

High School


Homeschool is individualized for each unique family's needs. Please reach out if you are interested in a homeschooling package for your child during this time of uncertainty due to COVID.


What Happy Students & Parents Say

"Lauren was an excellent tutor for my two daughters in high school math. She explained tough material so they could move forward successfully in their coursework. They both gained confidence in math and improved their grades. They always looked forward to meeting with Lauren. she is organized, professional, knowledgeable and has a gift for teaching. I highly recommend Lauren as a tutor."

Pam Cooper


Whu Choose Me?

“ I offer high quality, fair priced tutoring  for all students, from

entry-level to AP/College/Graduate school, in the safety of your home

Your Needs

  • Affordable, high quality virtual tutoring/home-schooling 

  • Safe environment, accelerated learning, individualized

  • Grade gains, confidence, understanding, happiness

  • Least cost for same/better product

My Mission

  • High quality tutoring/homeschooling virtually, anytime 

  • Math (AP, Honors, Regular), Writing, English, Test Prep, Homeschool

  • Personalized support per learning style


  • Online tutoring via Zoom

  • $50 for K-12 regular/honors

  • $75/hour for College/AP/Homeschooling

  • Homeschool package prices are individualized 

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